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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dallin- 11 months

AH! How can my baby be just one month shy of a year?? He is supposed to still be little, not this little boy he's so quickly turning into. And he is certainly all boy. We have nicknamed our boys "Emotional Evan" and "Destructive Dallin" and they definitely earning those names. Here are some thoughts on our "Little D" this month...

-He has 8 teeth!

-He is EVERYWHERE. He walks all over the furniture, up and down stairs, and gets into absolutely everything. Bookshelves, cabinets, dressers, boxes, table tops- nothing is safe. And he lives to destroy/clear everything.

-He had his first haircut this past month, just off the back and over his ears because it was too long/thick in those areas. He's still a little thin on top

-He's a good sleeper. He still takes 2 naps everyday and each one is about 2 hours long, sometimes up to 3 hours for his morning nap. He wakes up in the middle of the night still almost every night for a bottle, which he didn't do at all for a while but it's a pretty regular 2:30am party in his room.

-He eats just about anything. He will still sit and be fed baby food on occasion and generally likes the baby food in a squeeze pouch but he much prefers to feed himself. He loves bread, hot dogs, cheese toast, pancakes, beans, avocado, peas, cantaloup, biscuit... anything we will give him.

-He doesn't say much but he's very good at "bye bye" which usually is completed with a wave and all. He can say mama and dada and ba (I think it's ball) but he doesn't very often. He mainly just screams and grunts and laughs.

-He loves the bath. He loves the bathroom. He loves the lake. The boy just loves anything about water- including drinking it.

-He has officially accepted a sippy cup... kind of. He really only uses the kind with straws and I know it's because he's too lazy to actually turn a sippy cup up and drink from it since he STILL refuses to hold his bottle unless you absolutely force him to.

-He's so playful. He loves to play with balls and dinosaurs. He loves to be passed back and forth from one person to another while basically jumping out of your arms to get to the other person. He loves all of Evan's toys- especially if Evan isn't in the room and he can have free reign.

-He's super into musical instruments. He will sit and play with a recorder/kazoo/pan flute forever. He just blows on them and gets a sound and is so proud of himself! He loves drums, shakers, maracas, the piano- anything that makes noise!

As I say every month, because it only becomes more true every month, he is so stinking sweet and cute. He is incredibly busy, totally fearless, and wild but he is also a cuddly, sweetie pie. He lights up when he sees you in the morning. He loves to see people and will let just about anyone hold him. He smiles for everyone... he basically is just smiling all the time. It's amazing how different he is than Evan and how we can love them both so completely. Dallin- you are the perfect crazy in our lives and we love you pieces!

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